Night Trains 2010-2011

Night Trains runs Saturday nights, Nov. 27, 2010 – Feb. 26, 2011 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm (closed Dec. 25th)

Night Trains PosterOperations will feature special lighted models of passenger trains and street cars that once served the Twin Cities and all America. Among them will be famous names such as The Hiawatha, Empire Builder, The 400, The Twin Cities Zephyr, and North Coast Limited.

With the room lights dimmed the twinkle of hundreds of miniature lights along the streets, in buildings, cars and trucks creates a fantasy like atmosphere. Last year one of our visitors commented “it’s like Disneyland with out the airfare”.

This year we added three new heavy weight passenger trains typical of those built in the 20’s and 30’s. They came complete with detailed interiors and lighting so they are perfect for Night Train use.

After WWII, railroads purchased modern streamlined passenger cars and reassigned these older style cars to locals and milk runs where many saw service into the 60’s. You’ll also enjoy the miniature Christmas decorations and lights in both our towns. And we’ve added sound that is synchronized to the lights!

And this year, the show has grown so much we now need 2 buildings; all for the one admission price.

As Night Trains has something for every age, it makes for a great family outing. It’s fun to hear Grandparents share their stories such as “I rode the Zephyr to Chicago” or “we rode the Hiawatha on our honey moon”.

We have enjoyed recreating those “Golden Years” when trains and street cars played such a key role in everyday life. Many families have made Night Trains an annual tradition while others visit several times each season to see the different trains that will be featured each night.

Please visit our Night Trains page for admission price and other information.


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