Twin City Model Railroad Museum’s Hearing Press Release

For Immediate Release

Monday October 26, 2015

1st – We are pleased with the results of today’s hearing, based on a mutually agreeable resolution by the parties, allowing The Twin City Model Railroad Museum to remain open in Bandana Square through March 2016, including the entire upcoming “Night Trains” season.

The Toy Train Division, as it has been known in the Chimneys building next door, will close to the public on November 2nd in order to consolidate our activities in the single facility in Bandana Square for the near term. We graciously thank the Chimney’s building owner, John Dustman, for underwriting the original launch of this Division and giving us so many great years in his building, providing us the chance to grow and expand the outreach of our museum. Some interactive exhibits and layouts from the Toy Train Division will be moved to the existing Bandana Square location for the interim.

2nd – Early next spring, the museum will consolidate all layouts and exhibits, many which have been long in storage, to a new facility yet to be determined. The cost of the anticipated move and reopening of the museum will be substantial. Additional resources will also be needed in the future to fund professional staff as we move from a 100% volunteer organization in order to better manage and guide the future course of the organization The museum is beginning immediate efforts to secure grants, donations and corporate sponsorships to this end and to help prepare for a move and re-opening.

3rd – Our membership and executive board are incredibly touched by all the community support and attention the museum has received during this challenging time. We appreciate every single donation and we assure our supporters that all funds received will go towards ensuring that our museum’s legacy lives on through a new facility, improved layouts, exhibits and attractions.

4th – Please consider making a donation using PayPal at and share our story with your friends, families and coworkers. Your continued support will allow us to keep this intergenerational historic treasure alive in our community, and to continue bringing joy to “children” of all ages for another 81 years.

Oscar M. Lund, Jr.
Treasurer, Twin City Model Railroad Museum


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